Critical Steps to Writing Your Literature Review

Importance of a Literature Review

Literature reviews are the holders of all the surveys on research sources on topics you are covering and ask about how to make essay order. The study provides the reader with a general knowledge of the paper and the sources you have used so far. It also explores research gaps by finding relevant literature publications and sources to study in answering your questions with evidence. The top-quality literature helps you synthesize other than summery your research sources.

During your research paper writing, it is crucial to do a literature review that focuses on particular sources under one context. This will assist you to comprehend the topics ‘intellectual point of view. It also creates a framework of the research and places your analysis under the support of scholarly sources.

Carry Out Research for Quality Research Sources

Before starting, make sure you have a topic that will provide a direction for the research. You should not just research for sources everywhere. The issue is like a map within which your research will survey for credible sources. If you carry a literature review as an independent paper, select a specific focus by creating a question. If it is within a research paper, then use that title to base the research on.

Evaluate on Sources

There are different sources you can find on the internet. However, a literature review is particular on the type of sources it demands. You have to select credible and scholarly sources. The sources need to contain information on the research topic. Use convincing sources and landmark them. If a source is appearing multiple times on Google scholar, use it.

Identify Themes and Research Gaps

Try to understand the various themes to get a standard structure of the review, the involved arguments, and how they connect with your sources. Based on your content, try to verify the themes, conflicts, and pivotal articles. All the gaps should explore the weaknesses. How is the research impacting your ideas and the gaps? Well, these are one of the many aspects to focus on. These steps help in understanding the review structure and illustrate how the research can help.

Design a Suitable Review Outline

A review without an outline will lack the right structure. Even so, it is good to know how to create an outline before you start writing. It will help determine the length, structure, and how you will combine your different methods. You may choose a categorical outline, but your themes may be written in chronological order.

Start to Write the Review

Similarly to any paper, the literature review must have different sections. You can start with an introduction and end it with a suitable conclusion. Even so, everything you put in the sections must connect smoothly and follow a smooth transition.

Make a conclusion

At this point, you have to make a summary of the literature review covering everything you have discussed in it. Do not add anything new to it, just what you covered. Then go through it to check if you achieved the right flow, correct grammar, and no spelling mistakes.

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