How to Assess Your Literature Review in Report Writing

How to Do a Good Literature Critique

A literature critique is a review of your literature sources. The length of your analysis could be to analyze a certain line of an aspect of literature or even the entire paper. To handle it, you need to break down the paper in pieces and analyze separate elements and evaluate how they all merge to get the purpose. College students write such literary critiques, but anybody can discover the steps anytime they want to. So, here are the steps to learning how to do a literary analysis.

Carefully Go through the Literature

You can't begin to do a literature critique before going through the literature and understanding what is happening and its impact. However, when reading, you understand the different aspects of the paper. For instance, you learn what has been discussed in the paper and other themes discussed for exploration for report writing. Ask yourself fundamental questions that are relevant to the report. For instance, what strengths and weaknesses of literature in question?

Develop an Excellent Graphic organizer

For you to understand the different aspects of the document, you may create an organizer. It is a kind of chart that will help arrange the other features of the paper to reflect on it. You can make a chart in different ways through observation, t-charts, and Venn diagrams.

Ponder on the Literal True Meaning

If you're evaluating a text, get to know what the writer is saying? What specific messages the literature is exploring? Analyze the actions of characters and how their roles affect the whole novel. What action led to the conflict, and why? For a report, try to check what the central point is and if the report critically explored the factors of the whole question posed by the claim. Review the writer's point in regards to society.

Develop a Thesis

Develop a good thesis after choosing a single lesson or line of thought. It will help in claiming a text you may support using text evidence like quotes. Now, look at the organizer and choose events that show proof of the thesis statement or texts that answer the claim if it's for a report. Highlight the evidence on a full page.

Create Your Outline and Write

The thesis statement should help in creating an outline to achieve a required structure. The outline should contain bullet lists in each paragraph. It should aid in understanding what to put where and how. Then proceed to write a critique. It shouldn't be a minimum of five sections. Quote every possible chance to back your statements.

Revise Your Paper

Please go through the text to edit it. Check for any typos, spelling errors, grammar and arrangement of your ideas. The mistakes should be corrected before submitting the paper. Also, it is advisable to seek help from a friend to go through it and check for possible errors. A second opinion is always more correct. Once that is done, you would have completed your critique and ready to submit it.

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