Steps to Solving Wordy Math Problems

How to Solve Wordy Equations

As you continue to extend to more challenging math problems and your skills keep improving, you will come across wordy math questions. They always have a lot of information, but just a quarter of it makes meaning to solve the problem and ask to writemyessayonline. Mostly, protracted problems test a student’s critical thinking and logic and their math skills. It also checks if the student is paying attention and can read comprehensively to understand some facts and derive meaningful information. Even so, you still have to assess the problem further t understand what it demands. Here are the steps to solving such problems;

Assess and Comprehend the Problem

For you to understand the problem well, you first have to be organized because wordy problems sometimes are confusing. This is done to take your mind off the real question. Therefore, approach the problem with a sober mind and relaxed. Have a lot of time analyzing it while taking notes on the numbers and what you discover each time you go through it. Read the problem carefully and do not make assumptions about anything regarding the problem. They can always be a statement within the question to mislead you. Therefore, be careful not to be tricked.

Find Your Question within the Wordy Problem

By lowly reading the words, you will realize that the writers always focus on confusing you. There are times when most of the information in it is useless, and other times it makes a lot of sense. To know how to use the information, you need to read the words well and understand it. Analyze each sentence after every read, not to miss an important clue. Try to cross out some of the information. This is the case for any wordy problem. It makes the problem easier to solve.

Draw an Illustration

Begin to visualize the problem by thinking about the possible happenings within the word problem. After that, develop a diagram that illustrates the information. It will help you determine the kind of information you want and each step you are supposed to follow. Possibly, you can decide to label diagrams or even graphs. If they had included the graphs, everything could have been labeled. Then analyze the graph against the main word problem. Check on keywords and essential phrases. Highlight them well using a maker or a pencil.

Solve the Problem

You have read and understood the word problem. Furthermore, the diagrams have been a draw and analyzed well. Let’s assume you have figured out what to do. So, at this stage, write down an equation to start doing the problem. By writing an equation, you are simplifying the wordy problem into something that can be viewed, and they can understand its meaning easily. Get the formula. What kind of formula that can solve the equation. You should know. Most wordy equations use algebra to be solved.

review your Work

The Work you have done should be reviewed for the last time. Are your steps to getting the answer clear? Well, there nothing much to do other than submit it to your lecturer.

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